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-Oxford Children’s Academy is absolutely wonderful! The staff are so kind and caring… my daughter had an amazing time being there. They helped to prepare her for school with the in-class lessons, and made great friends as well. Thank you all!

-Absolutely love this school! Communication is top notch. I have a two year old and a four year old here. I can contact anyone at any time and know they're taken care of. My children started out hating the thought of being away from me (we're really attached) to loving school. My four year old doesn't even say bye anymore he's too eager to get to his morning task. They can't wait to see their classmates and their teachers. It's very obvious they feel safe and loved. Plus my kids keep coming home and schooling me on things I definitely didn't teach them. Now they're more interested in my home lessons too. I've watched them blossom socially and academically. I'm forever grateful we found this place. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

-My 6 month old has been going here since she was 10 weeks old and Mrs. Trina and Ms. Shauna have made our daycare experience amazing. It is so difficult to leave your child in the hands of other people, but I never have to worry about my daughter because I know she is so loved and taken great care of by these two! I can’t say enough great things about Trina and Shauna as they both are a huge part of the growth in our baby girl. Thank you and we love you!

-Our 2 1/2 year old daughter, Lulu has been going to Oxford for two weeks now and she is doing so great here. She’s developing her milestones, especially with verbal communication and potty training. We really like that there is a gated off “potty space” in their room. It’s easily accessible for the little ones to walk to and show their teachers it’s time. Lulu loves all of her teachers, including Bri who welcomed her on her first day and made her feel safe and confident.

-My son loves going to this daycare. Everyday he comes in shy and has to snuggle up with Ms Bri. She is great with him and will play his favorite songs to get him dancing. By the end of the day he is having so much fun, laughing and running around. I highly recommend Oxford academy!

This is the best school ever! My son eats things he would never eat and i think it is a result of watching other kids eat. Thanks for the healthy food menu


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